Grimm Concept Art © 2012 Jeff Lafferty

Some more concept art for the character of Grimm. There’s probably going to be quite a few more of these until I get the 'visual' of character nailed down.

I might as well tell you guys who I’m trying to team up with, since there’s no reason to keep it a secret, its Mike Fleming jr. - Link

We’re going to go ahead with a sculpt and try to cast this character in foam latex or silicone.

I have to admit, I don’t feel 100% comfortable handing the puppet making over to Mike. In fact I’m having a really hard time collaborating at all ... and I know that part of it is, I’m just a control freak.

… but I’m also concerned (and I don’t think this is over kill) that by redesigning the characters, we’ll actually be taking a step back and possibly stalling the project, to do something that maybe … doesn’t really ‘need’ to be done.

My puppets weren’t perfect, but I’m not sure they were that far off the mark, that we need to trash em’ and start over.

I was defiantly having trouble with things like hair. The faces, when I was trying to do them in silicone and make the mouths move, weren’t that great. The over all designs weren’t really coming out looking like my drawings, and that was all kind of driving me crazy.

On the other hand, I loved the way the armor was looking. The boots, the swords, the helmets, all that stuff, I was really pleased with. Also the replacement faces, I like the way they worked, and I was really happy with the early tests.

I think if we can settle on a way of doing things, that’s half way between what Mike wants and what I want, we’ll be able to work together. Whether that will happen or not ... at this point, I'm just not sure.

See you all tomorrow.
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