Stop Motion puppet head made by Jeff Lafferty
I’ve set myself a goal to keep on blogging daily, and honestly its been tough! A lot harder than I remembered … and its only been five days for crying out loud.

I thought I would try it again for a couple of reasons. First, I really wanted to push myself to get this first scene shot ... done and up on the web!

Whenever I’m blogging daily I feel pressure to get my butt in the studio and get to work, so it defiantly helps with the momentum.

The second reason is when I’m posting daily, the traffic on my site goes up and that in turn brings the prices for my ads up. I haven’t ever really made much on my ads, but I’ve always made a little.

I have Google Adsense and also Project Wonderful ads running on both my sites. The Adsense ads are pay-per-click, the Project Wonderful ads just buy space outright.

Like I said, I don’t make much, last year was about $200 bucks between both of them. Still though, its better than nothing and with the ads there’s always the potential for growth.

I’ve read about big real estate blogs with thousands of followers that make a bundle with their ads, so why not a blog about a guy making a movie in his living room. (Sounds like something I’d want to read)

I guess this all goes back to me thinking about a way to monetize what I’m doing now. I (for the last few years at least) have always made money with my website. Starting with painting nudes a few years ago, and then later sketch cards, commissions and prints.

I’d draw a card, put it on Ebay and sell it. Then I’d make a print out of it and I’d sell it ten more times, eventually I’d put it in a book and I’d sell it a hundred more times.

That’s how it worked, but with this, the movie, there’s nothing to sell at the end of the day. A DVD eventually, but that’s years away.

I mean we’re living in probably the most amazing time to be a filmmaker ever. With the internet all the resources anyone could have ever of hoped for are literally at our finger tips. Anything you want to learn, free distribution, a built in audience, its freakin crazy.

SO anyway I figure there’s got to be a way to fund this thing, maybe ads might be a partial solution

I’d love to here anyone’s thoughts or opinions about this

See you next time
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Melissa said...

Have you thought about making a trailer for Kickstarter?
Lots of stop motion projects have been funded that way, including this one:

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Melissa, I'm defiantly considering Kickstarter for the future.