A LITTLE BACKUP - Mon. May 28th, 2012

Curse Of The Wolfs Heart © 2012 Jeff Lafferty

Curse Of The Wolfs Heart © 2012 Jeff Lafferty

Curse Of The Wolfs Heart © 2012 Jeff Lafferty

Curse Of The Wolfs Heart © 2012 Jeff Lafferty

Curse Of The Wolfs Heart © 2012 Jeff Lafferty

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

This morning I went on with painting the boots. I have the right one basically finished, but now I’m running into a problem.

The shape of the boots is bothering me, specifically the laces across the top of the foot. They seem just too flat, like they shouldn’t be at such at right angle.

I tried stuffing some green foam down onto the foot and it helped a little … but I really think I need to pull the laces, cut the boot back open and build up the top of the foot.

I’m trying not to redo a lot of stuff, since I think there’s a danger of me trying to get things 'too' perfect, and just never getting anything finished because there’s always a better way of doing something.

I don't want to fall into that trap, and I know I'm prone to do that sort of thing.

Anyway, I do think trying to make the boots better is worth while, so that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Other than working on the boots, yesterday I hauled in the floor of the set from the shed. Tanya’s going to be fixing it up and painting it for me.

There it is in the last picture sitting in the living room with Tristan checking out the action.



Zeke Ares said...

some amazing fantastic work, thank you so much for the blog add :)

Shelley Noble said...

I know, Jeff! It's so tough, the balance between being creatively satisfied yourself and by cracking on to get 'er done.

This isn't a crowd sourced project so your reader's opinions are just that. I think the foot looks perfectly great as is, enough to read well in the film. But you've got to make it all be as you want.

This isn't a commercial film produced on a time schedule so you can afford to make it as you please.

Justin Rasch once told me that I'd be amazed at what doesn't show in the finished film. So I've been trying to walk that same line as you.

So great that Tanya is helping! You guys may end up like Shel and Justin!

Tristan will likely animate when he grows up from all this creative action exposure!

Manu said...

Ah ! Little details make great painters, Jeff ! :) )

(It's a french equivalent for your Devil is in the details :)

Keep it up, courage !

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks everyone!