Painting Stopmotion Puppet Heads © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Painting Stopmotion Puppet Heads © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Back to work painting the replacement the faces.

I’m using a technique I like a lot, where I paint everything ‘too’ dark and then work backwards and paint the lights up. I think out of everything in stop-motion, painting is the one bit that actually comes naturally to me, and I have confidence in.

Painting Stopmotion Puppet Heads © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
I’m planning on running a Kickstarter funding campaign for Curse Of The Wolfs Heart.

I was planning on launching it today, but I had some trouble setting up the Amazon payments, so now I’ve got to wait till after the weekend before I start.

Does anyone have any thoughts about me running a kickstarter for my project. Do you think it’s a good idea, or bad … and why?

I’m defiantly struggling with the idea of begging for money …

By the same token, I regularly visit kickstarter and see projects that ‘I feel’ are ‘ridiculous’, and they are making ridiculous amounts of money … and that makes me think ‘why not me‘?

One thing I want to make clear from the outset is, I don’t want to guilt anyone into giving me money. If you don’t have any, or you just don’t want to … then don’t worry about it. (Everyone doesn’t have to disappear as soon as this thing starts)

I think the bottom line for me is, I just want time to work on my movie. Whenever I’ve stopped working in the past, its not because I get discouraged or bored, its because I need spend my time making money i.e. making cards

That’s why I’ve decided to try kickstarter … honestly to just buy me some time to work.

See you all tomorrow.
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M-Flem-Jr said...

Try it dude, see what happens. What's the worst that could happen? you don't get funded? That's the same boat you're in now - Try it man, I think it's great idea!

Dean said...

I don't see anything wrong with Kickstarter. People donate money and get something in return. It's just like shopping. I think it might be wise to not set your target too high, 'cos then there's the danger of it not being successful and you won't receive a single penny. And once it is successful, people don't stop pledging, so you could end up with more. I've often seen interesting/cool projects alomst at the deadline that are nowhere near funded, so felt it pointless pledging myself. If they had been funded/near funded I'd have thrown some money their way.

Good luck! :)

Brian said...

Think of it this way... you will only get money from people who WANT to give it to you! And you're offering them something: a screen "Thank You" in the film, a t-shirt, button, poster or whatever depending on the gift level. I agree with the poster above: don't ask for too much at first especially if your network is small. Start with a small amount and you can always run another Kickstarter later. Look at similar projects and how much they've been able to raise. If the end comes and you're short say, $500 you can put up the money yourself just to meet the goal.

JON said...

Hey, man! I've been out of the loop lately, so it's been really fun catching up on your blog! I think Kickstarter is a great idea. It gives us fans a way to support what you're doing. Give it a shot!

Replacement faces look phenomenal! Keep it going, dude!

Manu said...
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Manu said...

Hello hello Jeff ! I love the color of your character's skin ! By the way, will you add some digital colors or some FX on the film, after the filming, in post-prod ? I think it's a question you have wondered yourself !!! :)

Concerning Kickstarter, I don't know the stuff but... well... in one hand, I'm a damned italo-french macho, so in one hand, I will never ask for a donation, because I'm too much f...g proud lol.... and silly !

In the other hand, you're a true artist, and this project is very interesting ! I don't know anything about animation, but I guess it can be a valuable project ! I mean, you're not like some of these sexy girls on Devian Art, who just model and try to become "stars" in the world of geeks, bringing anything to Art with a big "A" and open donation polls ! (except one or two of them who are true cosplay artists, but even those girls would probably be less successful if they were not siliconed, seriously !). But you're a true artist, who brings a real plus to the stuff, so if a donation system can permit to give you some time, or some help to buy tools and material, well, I think it's just okay ! Because it's a nice project, and because, you're a serious person really committed to your art, and to the Art, and doing good things ! I suppose you're not rich, and I don't know if you are famous in your country, so according to me, some kickstarter stuff or donation stuff is not something embarrassing ! Especcially if there is an official "thank you" somewhere, but normally, to donate is to donate, and a donator should not something in return. But it's cool ! "If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours", is that the thing you say in the US ?

Concerning my own personal hesitation to donate, or to buy, well... usually, I don't pay anything by the internet, except when I am obliged, like for the tickets for the aircraft. I am as paranoiac as Batman about piracy and things like that, and I don't have even a paypal (maybe in some months, but just for the job). But I'll be glad to call my banker and ask for a - little lol - credit transfer if you send me some banker identity informations ! Seriously !

But the thing which could make me very glad, would be to see you contacting some animation companies to present your work ! I suppose to enter the industry is as difficult in the States as it in Europe, but a guy like you, who knows how to draw, how to paint, how to hand-make things, and so on, should be hired by a Spielberg or a Cameron ! If I had your talent, I would spend a lot of time knocking at their doors !

Seriously you should contact those guys, I'm sure someone in the cinema industry has a seat for you somewhere at a production design department, it's obvious !

Sorry for writing so many lines again, I don't want to be the boring frenchman who speaks, and speaks, and speaks too much, and sorry for the eventual english mistakes, but this is what I think !

Do this kickstarter stuff, and send a letter to... I don't know, Dreamworks, who you want... but do it !!!

With a lot of enthusiasm, your french internet pal, Manuuuuuuu!!!!!

Manu said...

Sorry for deleting the previous version and reposting a new one above. Just a line I prefer to erase. It wasn't in the topic, anyway. You can delete this last one if you want, too :)

Anonymous said...

i will support donation campaign as well. i wish to see you wonderful work made real


Jeff Lafferty said...

So much good advice. Thank you all, I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think!