Painted Replacement Face, Stopmotion Puppet © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Painted Replacement Face, Stopmotion Puppet © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Painted Replacement Face, Stopmotion Puppet © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Here’s where I’m at with the faces. I’ve got the top half and the head and neck painted. I’m very happy with the way they’re coming out.

I've even got my facial tattoos on this one. Those are something I’ve always had in my sketches and wasn’t sure if I could make them work with the puppets. They play a role and are tied into the magic and sorcery of the story.

Painted Replacement Face, Stopmotion Puppet © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Tomorrow I’m going to try and work through all the lower replacement face halves.

I was hoping I would get them all finished tonight, but I’ve still got a Lando Calrisan sketch to do, and I haven’t even found the reference yet.

Thanks a lot for the feedback on my plan to run a Kickstarter Campaign. I’ve decided I’m defiantly going to do it, and it will probably be up and running tomorrow evening ... then we'll see what happens next?

Thanks again for all the all the comments, advice and support guys.

See you all tomorrow.
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Olav Marahrens said...

wow, this is awesome, jeff!!! Can't wait to see more!:P

Dean said...

Terrific paint job, and I like the facial tattoo. I might get one similar :D

Manu said...

I doo like the tatoo too, Jeff :)

Vincent Tétreault said...

I'd almost quit reading blogs, but i can't skip a day reading your posts since you start your "one post per day".
Very, very inspiring Jeff !

(i replied via Dean's comment 'cause i couldn't find a "add comment button")

Shelley Noble said...

The puppet is looking fantastic, Jeff.

About the funding idea, I'm a big proponent of artists making their art within their means, whatever they are. Like, if all someone could afford is a piece of charcoal and a scrap of paper, then that's what they use. Or they burn a stick and draw on cardboard, if they have nothing.

Art that has to be done, gets done. After hours. Instead of other things. Whatever. That's my notion anyway.

Have you considered making Kickstarter campaigns in production phases? Like raise "x" amount and you'll be able to go "x" far, then phase II money raised gets you the next stage, etc. That way, you'll be able to make a scene or two to show and garner even more funding all the way through to your finished film.

Just a thought.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Olav!

Thanks Dean.

... Glad to see you again Vincent, I'm really enjoying working on this stuff again and also blogging daily

Thanks Manu

Thanks for the comment Shelley, and I agree with you, since that's exactly how 85% of what I've done, has gotten done ... at night or on the weekends.

... But, I do think if an artist can support him/herself by their art then they absolutely should. Getting paid for your work, just means you get to do more of it ... and I'm sure God didn't give you your gift to
'not' use it... and that's (like you said) my notion :)