Just wanted to thank everyone once again for pledging ... and give some credit where credits due.

Honestly, I probably won’t have much time to work on the film in the next few months.

As some of you know already, one of the main reasons I tried this whole Kickstarter thing is because my wife is losing her job and getting laid of this week.

I figured, if I could make the kickstarter campaign work, I could kill two birds with one stone. The money would keep us afloat for the next six months and I’d be able to get the first part of my film shot.

It would have been nice, but at any rate it didn’t work. So plan B is to now focus all my energy on my illustration work and hopefully I‘ll be able to compensate for what we lost with my wife’s job.

One thing I know, is I’ll defiantly be getting back to the animation at some point. I just love it to much to quit permanently!

… for now though, I’ve got to concentrate on what pays.

Anyway here’s all the cool people that pledged and tried to help me … Once again, I appreciate it guys!

Liselle Awwal - Robert DeBusk - Andrew Russell - Dean ByCroft - Shaer Hawman - C. Dauer - John Brito - David Northover - Richard Kempter - Jeff from Brownsville - Vincent Ecuyer - Daniel Winterhalter - Brian Rumfola - Douglas S. Butts - Clif from Detroit - Torsten Ketelsen - Angie Powers - Jon the Glue Gunslinger - Tristan Erwin - Ross Hendrickson - Derick Chilress - Alistair Stuart - Dustin Sharpless - Damian Weller - Sean Tiffany - Austin Vashasw - Peter McQuillan - Melissa Piekaar - Kris Kidd - Patrick Masson - Maria - Blacknick sculpture - Ti baker - Josh Beene - Anthony Wheeler - Andre Kishimoto - Michael DeLeRee - Robert Barnett - Matt Chappell - Kim McLoren - Fred Seibert - Mike Garvey - Mike Fleming jr. - Gobaga - Tieg Zaharia - Shelley Noble - Jeff Shultz - Jeffery - James P Walker

I also wanted to thank Kurt Sasso and the TGT Media podcast for the interview. Also Marc Spess and Animateclay.com for the front page feature.

Also thanks to everyone else who posted my links all over facebook and Deviant art, everyone who liked, tweeted and re-tweeted my links.

Here's some of them, I know there where more - Mike Mignola - Doug-TenNapel - Jason Moore - Don Monroe - Jon Riggle - Maria AKA BlondeBlossom - Adorindil - Dean - Mr. Ripley - Jeff - Mike - Green Eyez - Heidi Ann Pendergast - Mike Garvey - George Calloway - Marlo Lodrigueza - Kimberly Anne Black - Ben whitehouse - Fred Seibert - Carlos Reno - Cursed Armada - Manu ... and I know there's a bunch more that I forgot.

Thanks everybody
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