Some great news guys! So far I've gotten $1,120 in donations today and its pushed us up over the $2000 mark. We’re a fourth of the way there.

I know there’s only four days left and I know we might have had a rough time of it so far, but I still believe in this project. I know we can still do it and the fact that people are still donating proves to me that I’m not alone.

Grimm Sculpt by Mike Fleming Jr., Curse Of The Wolfs Heart © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
My great friend and fellow animator, Mike Fleming jr. has sculpted this miniature bust of Grimm. He’s producing a limited edition run of unpainted resin casts and is donating them to support my project!

I’m adding them as a bonus incentives to the $75 level! Everyone who donates $75 or above will get one of these awesome little heads by Mike jr!

- Thank you so much my friend.

Now’s the time to spread the word. Facebook, twitter or post a link on your site. I appreciate any kind of help I can get.

We can do this thing. Curse Of The Wolfs Heart can exist and it can go so much further than my meager plans my of just youtube videos! This could be the start of something big, something amazing, and we can all look back and say, I was there, I helped get that thing get made!

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