Replacement face for Stop motion puppet, Jeff Lafferty
Once again, welcome to the new blog everyone!

I want to say thanks to the guys who’ve already hit the follow button.

The awesome animator Ben Whitehouse - Link, Melissa Piekaar of Magic Dollhouse - Link, Dean from The Goblin Who Lost His Green - Link, My good friend and fellow animator Mike Fleming Jr. - Link, and another friend, fellow artist and a teacher Manu Cappucia - Link, Also I wanted to mention Justin Rasch - Link he didn’t follow, but he did comment and his work has been a huge inspiration to me.

If you want to see some cool stuff check out all of their sites, everyone of them is doing something amazing with their spare time.

So anyway what did I do tonight?

Replacement face for Stop motion puppet, Jeff Lafferty

I finished up another of the replacement mouths, the ‘yell’ and I roughed in the next one. This ones going to make the ’th’, ‘D’ and ’L’ sound. That leaves me with three left to go.

Replacement face for Stop motion puppet, Jeff Lafferty

See you next time
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Ben Whitehouse said...

Aww many thanks for the link dude! These faces are looking really bloody amazing! The test vid is great too! Hope all is well mate

LynNerd said...

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the follow. Your blog is so cool, and your work is amazing! I'm one of them starving artists too. Ha, the things I'm brainstorming to promote my books are kinda pathetic, but fun! Haha. It will be fun to follow you and your animations. Best of luck to you and all of us in this crazy business!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Ben!

Thank you Lyn and thanks for following the blog :)