KICKSTARTER RANT!!! - February 18th, 2012

$13,000 Coat Hook, WTF???
I was just going to let this whole kickstarter thing quietly fade away and die its pathetic little death without a whimper … but then I went to Kickstarters front page and saw this … yup it’s a coat hook.

… and if you notice at the bottom of the picture it’s a coat hook worth $13,000 bucks.

I mean talk about take the wind out of your sails, talk about taking a kick (starter) square in the nuts. A freaking coat hook is bringing in more money than my movie!

This whole thing has just been so demoralizing. Since I started my project about twenty day ago, I've endured watching so many other kickstaters soar while mine has just floundered.

Order Of The Stick Webcomic, 3/4 Quarters Of A Million, WTF???

Projects like this one, a web comic called Order Of The Stick, at this point its been funded to over ¾ quarters of a million dollars.

… Uuugh, I know that this rant is being entirely fueled by jealousy, and I’m a poor sport and sore loser … but seriously, a fucking coat hook and a stick figure comic???

I mean, did Hell freeze over and nobody tell me?

Honestly, I wish these guys the best, cause they’ve figured out how to spin straw into gold, and its cool, at least, someone has figured out how to cash in, but ...

I’m an artist, and now I’m an animator and I feel like I’ve put a huge amount of time and effort into learning how to create my work. I know I‘m new to animation but I feel like my stuff is good … and art, well I’ve been teaching myself how to paint my whole life.

Art is so beyond ‘just a job’ for me its ridiculous. It’s everything, it's like my religion. The only thing more important to me is my family … and I’m not talking about the physical work either, the actual pictures aren’t that important. I’m talking about the quest, the thing that’s inside my head that pushes me to appreciate great art and ‘want’ to be great.

I don’t know if that makes sense …

I guess it’s just frustrating watching a guy drawing stick figures, stomp my kickstarter effort into the ground ... Damn it!

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